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If you’re looking to become a great pack leader and build an unshakable strong bond with your dog you’ve come to the right website! Canine Command has 15 years experience turning growly, jumpy, ill mannered dogs into focused Canine Good Citizens who will calmly and comfortably interact with your family members and guests as well as new people and animals! Our FAST (fun, affordable, simple and timely) training covers puppies through geriatric dogs using positive reinforcement, no force, best practices training!
We start by evaluating your dog’s unique temperament and personality then show you techniques to enhance owner/dog communication, bonding, respect and cooperation. We teach using the latest learning and behavioral science emphasizing positive reinforcement to encourage calm behaviors and extinguish bad behaviors. Behavior problems are the number one reason dogs are surrendered to domestic animal services or shelters. Training with a properly certified trainer helps avoid behavior problems and corrects the problems that already exist! We can work with your dog using a one-time visit, multiple visits or periodic visits based on your schedule and your particular training needs. We also train owners to be outstanding leaders for their canine pack by controlling resources, creating structure and practicing leadership rituals. Our training covers every facet of dog ownership including breed analysis, learning theory, nutrition and training equipment. We also provide all clients with state-of-the-art training materials to reinforce everything taught.
We can also help you select the right dog based on your lifestyle and activity level. We can then show you how to properly introduce your new pet to your baby or current dog. Finally we can show you how to socialize your dog at work, parks, malls, restaurants, groomers, veterinarians etc, so he/she learns to enjoy being with other people and animals!
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